• Street LED Light

    Street LED Light

    Latest generation products for safeguard security in the streets- safe streets

  • The light of the future is LED

    The light of the future is LED

    Choosing LED lighting is not only the right choice for the environment, but it’s also the best financial choice considering the increasing costs of energy

  • Your Spaces

    ... with the LED you can choose

    warm light, natural light or cold light? Today, thanks to LED, you can light up every space with the suitable light for your needs.

  • Light_Up

    Light up wherever you want…

    with the LED products you can light up areas that you never took into considerations, that are important for the supervision of the territory.

  • HiCloud LED High Bay Light

    HiCloud LED High Bay Light

    High performances for security.

    Industrial plants?

  • eneloop

    La batteria eneloop può essere ricaricata 2100 volte e...

  • Sistemi IP
  • eCommerce Newandnow

LED light

A world of LED products tailored to your needs and superior quality...
Why use LEDs? Why LED Lights are the Future.

Energy saving compared to traditional lighting sources is up to 70-85%; the average life of a LED lamp is about 10 times the fluorescence lamps; LEDs have a luminous efficiency of about 10 times the halogen bulbs.

LEDs emit white light that allows you to accurately evaluate colors, in fact, there is increasing use of lamps with this technology to illuminate streets, squares and galleries.

Maintenance is estimated at one-tenth of the cost, does not contain harmful gas to health and does not have toxic substances; the total absence of light pollution and ultraviolet rays make this technology reliable and safe for both the environment and health



A complete range of Batteries and Batteries always at your disposal.

Alkaline or button, lead or methacrylate, industrial or rechargeable packs; all from primary companies worldwide.

Batteries for cameras, camcorders and power tools.

Remote Controls

Universal remote controls for all needs.

A complete range that meets all the needs of the market.